Yomi Denzel Review – Don't Buy ECOM PRO Until You Read This!

Are you about to invest in the training of Yomi Denzel but do you have any doubts?

Do you want an objective point of view on the subject?

Investing in an education like Yomi's is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you choose not to train you expose yourself to problems such as financial or even legal losses.

Don't panic, as a drop shipping expert and passionate about the subject I know exactly how to help you and avoid the majority of the problems I have encountered.
In this article, you will discover:

  • the different programs of Yomi Denzel
  • why i decided to start this apprenticeship
  • what benefit I have been able to draw from these extremely comprehensive teachings.

The methods used by the largest E-merchants to make millions will not have no more secrets for you.

You will know exactly how to apply the recipe that makes your product a hit with your brand branding.

Now let's discover all this together.

Discover the presentation video of the ECOM PRO training!

Yomi Denzel Training Video Review
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Yomi Denzel is a young entrepreneur who specialized in e-commerce and more specifically in Dropshipping (In his early days, he currently owns several brands with quality stock and fast deliveries).
He very quickly acquired an expertise that enabled him to exceed one million euros in a single day.
It is also a head well done because he joined the prestigious American university Harvard for a semester but he was also interviewed by the well-known magazine Forbes.

Beyond the fact that he is very widely recognized in the e-commerce world, Yomi is also an excellent teacher who loves to pass on his knowledge and knowledge. He very regularly shares videos on his YouTube channel, he has a completely free initiation but also a Premium program: ECOM PRO (New in 2022) formerly E-COMMERCE PRO ELITE V3.

So read my appreciation of these two teachings carefully before you start.

Is Yomi's free training worth it?

As I told you, training in e-commerce and more particularly in the principle of direct delivery with Yomi Denzel is not a decision to be taken lightly.
Indeed, you will have to learn before you succeed but don't worry Yomi Denzel offers an initiation without paying a euro to get started in business.
This short introductory instruction will give you the basics to:

  • create a store that converts your visitors into customers
  • create an irresistible marketing offer
  • attract a torrent of customers to your store

This introduction of about 2 hours is an excellent starting point to have a better vision of E-commerce and how it works.

If you have a store in e-commerce but you do not make sales you must absolutely check if you have all the prerequisites to convert well.
If you carefully apply the advice presented in this series of videos you may already have results (making your first sales) that will allow you to take the Premium program in order to move on to a higher level.

I can only advise to go for those who are still hesitant to buy Yomi's ECOM PRO training.

The free program will certainly allow you to convince yourself that you are made for this business and that you want to go further.

You can make your own estimate for free.

So if you want to discover E-commerce safely without spending money, I invite you to watch Yomi Denzel's 3 free videos now:

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What about ECOM PRO in 2022 and what are the prices?

If Yomi Denzel qualifies her ECOM PRO training as the best for French-speaking e-commerce.

We are entitled to ask ourselves what is really going on?

I suggest you discover here my complete analysis because I personally bought it. Incidentally, it is important to answer an essential question!

How much does the E-commerce Pro program cost? The normal price is 1497€ however you can get it thanks to our partner link which will allow you to get a special price of 997€!

First of all, I think it is important to introduce the E-COMMERCE PRO ELITE team of trainers. You will notice it over the modules, Yomi is the main speaker. On the other hand, he is accompanied by Ulrich (design and user experience), Barry (as a bonus in week six for the branding part), Jimmy and Tom Adrien for advertising Google Ads. In this 2022 version, new renowned experts are part of the adventure to bring their skills: the great Stan Leloup, specialist in Copywriting, Loïc Roussel specialist in emailing and of course Fares Benouhiba expert in marketing and Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads.

Let's go for the presentation of the trainers!

Yomi is involved in almost all training modules. You know it is the great e-commerce specialist who helped a large number of entrepreneurs exploded the result thanks to Dropshipping. On the strength of his successes, he also joined the prestigious Harvard University in the United States. But Yomi first made a name for himself through his YouTube channel where he gave a lot of value to his subscribers and many of his videos went viral due to the quality content he offered. It is not for nothing that it has today (August 18, 2000) 327,000 subscribers.

Ulrich Vallée is an e-merchant specialized in user experience and optimization of e-commerce stores. With his experience, he has been developing the Fastlane theme for Shopify for more than three years with very regular updates. In his intervention, he shares absolutely all his knowledge and techniques in order to obtain a site with a professional branding that sells. He attaches great importance to the user experience (UX) and to the professional presentation of the product with worked photos.

Barry Empire appears in the week six bonus modules where he shares his experience and how he was able to generate over 10 million in revenue with extremely professional branding. He is also very connected to personal development and he offers in his intervention a part of mindset that makes you think. It all started for him following a conference by Yomi Denzel in Lausanne. It was there that he decided to create his own brand, which he led to success thanks to an extremely advanced branding strategy. He then decided to release his own training dedicated to branding, but he shares his most advanced techniques in Yomi's training.

Tom Adrien joined Yomi's training in 2018. He then threw himself into Google ads and achieved more than 4 million in turnover in less than one. He loves Google Ads because he manages to have extremely consistent results over time. You will therefore discover with Tom Adrien how to be successful with Google advertising. He therefore intervenes in the Google Ads Elite module in week 4 of the training.

Fares Benouhiba is the marketing director of the Fittrack brand (connected scale). His specialty is to buy traffic on Facebook as well as on Snapchat by setting up marketing campaigns that generate several million turnovers each month. From my point of view, he's the most savvy guy in buying traffic in the French-speaking world.

Loïc Roussel is also part of the company Fittrack for which he takes care of all the emailing part. It is therefore an emailing specialist who has enabled several brands to increase their turnover by 20 to 40 % simply with well thought-out emails and sequences. He is an expert in Copywriting and a perfect mastery of tools to manage Klaviyo email sequences. You will therefore learn with him how to recover an abandoned basket, to send email sequences after purchase, to program emailing campaigns that sell...

Stan Leloup made a name for himself with his YouTube channel and more recently with his excellent book “Your empire in a backpack” which I recommend. Its goal is to get into the brains of its potential prospects and to have an excellent understanding of human psychology in order to offer them impactful marketing and Copywriting. It will allow you to clearly define your persona and to address him to the right person in order to encourage him to buy.

ECOM PRO is therefore one of the most complete training courses, even the most complete on the French-speaking market.

If you follow well from beginning to end, you will have skills in e-commerce and drop shipping that the biggest schools do not give you. But above all, you will get results!

You really have to be diligent and take notes during the month and a half of training that you will follow.

Get involved, ask questions on the Facebook group and above all do tests apply.

The only way is to test constantly and therefore take action as soon as you learn new things.

I have summarized for you below the content of the program which takes place over 1 month and a half:

It's a questioning of yourself but also a solid foundation for your new e-commerce business. It is essential to clearly define your objectives and to be disciplined in order to have a concrete mindset. You will have to reprogram your brain into a state of mind that will give you another vision of things and that will allow you to visualize your success. It is true that the subject of the mindset is sometimes controversial, on the other hand I remain personally convinced that it is important to have a certain discipline and to work on oneself in order to obtain exceptional results in business. It's a competitive environment but if you do things right and in the right order you will lay a solid foundation for your future success.

By doing things right, I mean considering taxation and having good financial management. When you embark on this work, you have to define a legal status and know the advantages and disadvantages of these different options. Declaring your activity is not secondary, it is really the first thing to do when setting up a business. So you will see how to declare your activity in dropshipping while remaining legal. You will need to evolve quickly e-commerce to sustain your business! You will also find advice on accounting and managing your cash flow depending on the country in which you are located. The training covers the legal and administrative aspects for France, Belgium, Switzerland and the whole world.

Yomi will give you tips to stay productive and motivated. These are essential factors that you will need to acquire in order to succeed. Don't think it's just a magic button that crashes cash… Those who promise you to earn millions without working are lying to you!

Nothing without nothing, only hard work with the right methods and a community to help you at all stages will allow you to stay motivated and efficient to achieve success more simply.


Once you've got the basics down it's time to move on to the heart of the biz. First, Yomi will explain to you his vision of the business model of Dropshipping or the principle of direct delivery. Then, he will explain how to approach the different sources of traffic available to you. You will learn that the same products are not sold through Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. Indeed, your commercial promise will have to be adapted to the sources of traffic that you will choose. Yomi then explains to you why it has a competitive advantage over all other e-merchants via technology watch but above all spies on the competition in order to unearth new trends and new Winner products.

First you need to select a product and a niche. Several examples are cited and Yomi shows you in detail how he does to find new winners who will be successful. What is important to remember is that you need to be fast and efficient.

Next comes the time to create your business proposition based on what you are selling from your niche and your traffic source. You have understood that you will not sell in the same way on the different social networks. You will discover through many examples how to make a powerful offer that will convert your customers. It is with Stan Leloup that this last week will end with a master class in human psychology and Copywriting in order to create the best product sheet possible. Stan will give you all the keys to getting into your prospects' brains and getting the blue card out of them. This module particularly amazed me because it is a Marketing Course that you can apply in all kinds of business. Eventually you will learn to become a marketer by applying the concepts of week 2.

We are starting to get our hands dirty. You will learn the basics of a site that converts as well as the essential parameters of a store Shopify. You will then see an example of a single product site made with the theme free Shopify beginning. Another example of a mono site with the Fastlane theme. You will then see the tips used to increase the conversion rate and optimize your site so that the customer experience is optimal.

This module will allow you to create a professional shop with Shopify step by step. You will quickly understand that there is no need to have advanced technical skills to set up a pro shop that makes sales. The psychology behind all this and that you have to put yourself in the customer's shoes in order to simplify things as much as possible. He must be reassured when he arrives on your site and you must not distract him with useless buttons all over the place. Your sales tunnel must be as clean as possible and as simple as possible so that the customer has only one choice to take action and buy your product. You will also discover all the technical and additional aspects of setting up a Shopify site.

You will see how to import products with Dsers, manage your first orders in an automated way, set up customer service with small onions, set up telephone support and a chat, increase your conversions by modifying the Shopify theme, set up a 1 buy 1 free discount, remove the PayPal button, trust badges, customer reviews, countdowns and the notion of urgency, pop-ups, personalized check outs with Upsells before or after purchase. The list is not exhaustive, there are still a large number of courses that allow you to set up an efficient and automated back office.

Finally, you will be entitled to a complete tutorial of the Fastlane theme for Shopify. The Fastlane theme is ideal for brand building but also for the sale of single product. With Ulrich, you will have a complete step-by-step tutorial for having a pro shop.

Once you have set up your offer, your product sheet and a professional site, it's time to send traffic. If you have a limited budget, the advice provided by Yomi and Fares in the Facebook Ads module will allow you to make your first sales very quickly.

First of all, you will have a number of things to do before launching your first advertisements. It is important to understand how Facebook and its algorithm work and therefore to offer creative (sales videos) to illustrate your advertisements. On Facebook it's important to grab people's attention with viral media that will make them want to visit your website. Thus, you will have to design or delegate the design of promotional videos using the AIDA method (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). You will be accompanied step by step to create convincing spots yourself for your potential customers.

Then comes the implementation of test ads on Facebook to validate whether your winner is profitable or not. You will also be accompanied for the advertising analysis part and the potential scaling techniques to be implemented. Fares also offers a case study with its own brand FitTrack to scale from zero to 10 million euros with Facebook advertising. Note that it also regularly offers live in question and answer mode on the Facebook group.

Also accessible is Yomi's training on Facebook and advertising, which differs slightly from the principles provided by Fares but is just as effective.

In the last part you will be entitled to a complete module to create your first advertisements on Google with Tom Adrien who has made more than 4 million.

You will understand how influence marketing works and what is its strategy. In reality, you will have a step-by-step technique to set up your first campaign with an influencer. You will therefore see how to contact influencers, negotiate with them, carry out a promotion, analyze the promotion. As a bonus you can find a case study on the success of Nathan Sanahuja. This Frenchman from Nancy is a business school student and moved to Dubai to grow these different businesses. He explains all the keys to his success.

In the second part of week 5 you will learn all the secrets to advertising on Snapchat. Setup, creative, ad structure, testing, scaling and finally a case study of over a million spent on Snapchat ads.

Week 6 is loaded with no less than four modules to assimilate. First of all we start with branding, its importance, how to create a branded offer, create a brand identity, work with an agent, delegate and create a team, Master class with CJ Dropshipping.

We then continue with the e-mail marketing presented by Loïc Roussel. Copywriting, creating a layout in Klaviyo, shopping cart abandonment, post-purchase offers, and creating an e-mail marketing campaign… will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will then be treated to a case study of an email marketing that generated more than 2 million turnovers. Note that Loïc regularly does live questions and answers on the Facebook group.

Case Studies and Bonuses is the penultimate module. This is where we find Barry empire who demonstrates to us through five lessons how the design of a brand has led him to the triumph he is experiencing today. You can then watch the various case studies and other very interesting bonuses.

You can also have a complete SEO course with Romain Pirotte! Indeed, it is crucial to take an interest in natural referencing to obtain free traffic from search engines... At the end of this module, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will no longer have any secrets for you and you will be able to take the necessary actions.

Finally you will find a YomNation cut module and interviews. In this module you will be able to find many testimonials from people who have succeeded in E-commerce by applying the advice of E-commerce training. He shares all their shop their technique and why they succeeded with their business promise. It is truly motivating to see and hear real proof of success through these testimonials.

At the end of the there is a last module entitled "going further" which talks about Masterminds Elites and ECOM PRO Gold to take another level towards your success.

As you have seen, the program over a month and a half is very dense and very complete. It is sometimes necessary to return to the videos several times in order to fully assimilate all the tips. It can be difficult to stick to the program every week but that's okay, the main thing is to understand everything you are going to learn. One of the main advantages is that the strategies are very applicable to other online business see even some physical businesses.

The many testimonials and case studies are as many additional tips that you can put in your bosom of Ecommerce. In this learning, everything is demonstrated without any concessions so you only have at your disposal strategies that work and have been proven. You'll have everything you need to be inspired and make your next online store a success.

Soon, we will move on to the analysis of the points of view and the testimonies that I was able to collect on the Web and inside the Ecom Pro private VIP Facebook group then we will move on to the conclusion where you can choose to get started in Ecommerce safely.

Facebook group VIP Ecom Pro training Yomi Denzel reviews

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What are customers saying about Yomi Denzel? Reviews and testimonials

Whether on the Internet or in the private VIP group ECOM PRO we regularly find positive opinions but also testimonials of success and success posted by members. It is true that Yomi also has its detractors and that it can be criticized in certain aspects, some will even say that Yomi is a scam. My feeling on the subject and that these people simply did not follow the program or did not understand and did not apply. Let's move on to the different screenshots that I was able to collect on the private group to prove to you that many of them succeed:

You can also find many video testimonials on YouTube that praise ECOM PRO. What emerges and what is most striking is that most of the testimonies are unanimous in saying that the training is very complete, that it brings enormous value and that it is extremely detailed at all stages. It is not uncommon for even experienced Dropshippers to acknowledge that the program has opened their eyes to many aspects that they had not considered before. Some even say that they were able to go to the next level is exceeded the million thanks to the latter. What is certain is that you have personalized coaching and support and that if you apply all the precepts you will undoubtedly get results.

We can summarize in a few points below:

  • Unlike other courses you have only concrete and moreover all the trainers share without concession their methods with which they succeeded
  • the content is of good quality : it may seem silly but not only every detail is very well explained but also all the videos are of very good quality with very good sound.
  • We don't let you go in nature because you are accompanied at all stages of the creation of your store via responsive support that answers all questions. In addition you have access to a very active Facebook group in which you can exchange with other Ecommerces who have results

Choose to get started in E-commerce safely

You will understand, The reason why I bought the Yomi Denzel training it is that I started with the initiation free of charge which I found extremely well done and allows to acquire good bases.

Through this article and the various testimonials I hope that you will have understood the power of Dropshipping and especially of e-commerce for the next few years to come. It is really even today an opportunity to be seized if one has the good methods.

With all the information you will have acquired, you will be an expert in launching products and brands that will allow you to gain experience and a certain financial independence. If this is your main motivation, you should really consider e-commerce as a source of income. In the long term you to store at Amazon to deliver to your customers faster with Amazon FBA.. in this case I advise you to look at my review of Olivier Allain.

As I told you at the beginning, this decision is important and it is not to be taken lightly, you must be 100 % sure of your choice. This is why I first suggested that you register for the initiation and test if it is for you, this will allow you to visualize your success and facilitate your move to action.

If you are ready to work hard and invest yourself, you will get results, that's for sure. You will have all the cards in hand but it will only depend on you and your action, your tests, your perseverance in the face of failure until you find what works for you.

But as you have seen above with the testimonials, it is possible… being myself in the ECOM PRO Facebook group I can assure you that I regularly see posts from students who achieve impressive results in just some months.

If they can do it, you could also do it by taking action and accessing the information below

To benefit from the training at 997€ instead of 1497€? Click below!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Yomi Denzel Trainings


The update to version 5 (ECOM PRO) makes it the most complete training in the Francophonie. What is interesting is that we benefit from lifetime updates. You certainly know that Dropshipping is evolving and you have to keep up to date with the latest methods and above all quickly switch to stock of quality products in order to deliver quickly.

To start you will have the completely free training which will allow you to start in e-commerce without spending a penny.

The transparency of the trainers is appreciable because it concretely shows by filming their screens how to proceed in order to achieve the same figures as them. In addition, support and coaching allow you to progress quickly.

I particularly appreciate the many case studies offered in this training, which provide a concrete vision of successful businesses.

The many live events organized on the Facebook group by the various experts involved in the training allow you to ask your questions directly but also to have access to the best French-speaking experts and their secret strategies.


There's no denying that it's a serious investment that can put some people off.

The program is very dense so you have to remain rigorous and take notes as you follow the training. Do not buy this training if you are not sure to reach the end.

Obviously, even if the free training allows you to make these first sales, it is not as complete as the paid program.

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  1. Thank you for this very complete opinion indeed I see more clearly!! I followed your advice I took the free training then I took a liking to it!! So I took the full training more motivated than ever!!

  2. I say there is nothing heavier than this formation! in addition with the two-month coaching there is no excuse for not exploding in ecom! after all it's a question of mindset like if you're solid or not but that too in week 1 he talks about it yomi and from my point of view you really have to reset your brain before attacking otherwise you won't be shocked

  3. My opinion is that I still find that it seems that the drop is super easy given the way it is presented when in fact you really have to hang on to succeed!

    • I agree we exaggerate a little the ease of the drop, you actually have to work a lot to succeed it's not a magic button to make cash! On the other hand, it is quite possible to make a lot of money online with this business model!


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