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You've fed up with your job or your activity is at a standstill with the Covid crisis and you want to diversify by selling on the internet?

Subway-work-sleep does it weigh on you... especially in these times of a pandemic where the need to spend more time with your loved ones seems vital to you?

This time it's decided you want to change your life and become your own boss ! No more hours in crowded transport, prey to many viruses, real life and free schedules are yours!

Whether it's for a salary supplement, or for a project of lifestyle change, selling on the internet has multiple advantages which is pushing more and more people to take the plunge.

The problem is that you don't know how to do it… Selling on the internet ok, but what do you sell and how do you do it?

  • I may have an answer for you! Come on, follow me, I'll give you a clue!

You must have already heard ofAmazon.

Amazon is an e-commerce giant. But it is above all a platform (marketplace) already known with its 30 million potential customers and which will allow you to sell on the internet without having to create and reference a site, or spending a lot of money on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or even Snapchat Ads, Pinterest and now TikTok!

Some will tell you it's simple, just create an account on the sellercentral and hop you put your online products. Unfortunately it's not that simple, otherwise it would be known! So that's where the trouble starts… But don't panic! We are incredibly lucky today to have more and more online training which bloom. Training is the basis for reorienting oneself serenely and limiting risks.

On the other hand, we quickly realize by typing on Google that there are a lot of training courses, at all prices.

So what is the best Amazon FBA training?

I will deliver you now My opinion so that you can make your choice in this jungle.

I'm going to'avoid wasting your time and money like I did by registering for other programs that are much less formative, or even totally useless.

This is what comes out when I simply google " Amazon FBA training » :

  • Amz Academy : I don't know so I wouldn't give an opinion!
  • Udemy : the course at 12.99 instead of 69.99 .. hum sacred discount! Doesn't sound very serious to me!
  • Amazonian: training in 7 modules. And we sell you dreams by making you believe that you will no longer need to work Amazon takes care of everything. Indeed that would be great, but Amazon will not look for the products for you, nor negotiate them, nor develop your business... The internet market is constantly changing, believing that you will have nothing to do is simply fooling you .
  • super seller academy / Sorrel TV : not bad, not very expensive, but incomplete
  • The formation of Yannick Chastin : The first training I followed! Not bad for a beginner but very incomplete, it's ok for a beginner but you're quickly blocked. And especially now this training has become totally obsolete! The gentleman has not made great friends on the web, lack of honesty? in short go your way it's better!
  • There are also training courses at 5 euros… if you have time to waste, go for it.
  • And the best for the end : amazon revolution : the essential! this is the training I am now going to tell you about, I know it well since I followed it and it is thanks to it that today I am finally living from my sales on Amazon.

Its creator, Olivier Alain, is a pioneer in sales on Amazon, he offers us on his website I am my boss a very complete training to embark on the adventure Amazon FBA.

To be sure to have an objective opinion on Amazon FBA training, you have to read articles from people who have actually taken the training and who are not just there to take a commission on sales... That's why I recommend you to read this review of Olivier Allain and another Opinion on Oseille TV. These are the only ones I could read on the internet who were really sincere since the one who made these reviews followed the training in detail. In addition, I know from sources that he has made several hundred thousand euros in sales on Amazon FBA.

To begin with, who is Olivier Allain?

A lot scams flourish on the internet in the field of training, there are plenty of charlatans.

So to make it short, and because I took this training, Olivier Allain is a safe bet ! A young 36-year-old entrepreneur, a seasoned e-merchant, present on the web market for more than 10 years, he has become an Amazon specialist over the years. After self-training and many rookie mistakes, he ended up make millions on the Amazon FBA platform. It is therefore quite natural that he decides in 2018 to share his experience and therefore turns to training through his YouTube channel and its website jesuismonpatron.fr.

Today his goal is your success! And in addition you can finance your training with your CPF!

By clicking on the button below, you will access a mini training of 5 free videos:

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Olivier Allain or the failed teenager who over the years has become a successful boss, a model to follow! Financially independent, he realizes his dreams thanks to his ambition and his subtle sense of entrepreneurship. (Yes yes I am a fan!)

Why start on Amazon

As I told you above, Amazon is a platform that simply allows you to get started without having a website, without taking too many risks and ESPECIALLY without any stock management or after-sales service. Amazon simplifies your life: you select and buy products, you send them, they manage the rest! You take care of the product, the sheets, the supplies, Amazon is there to help you logistics and make you benefit from its notoriety with its more than 30 million potential customers. It's dreamy isn't it?

Why pay for training?

The price is often a barrier when you look at the online training. We're not going to lie to each other, training is an investment that needs to be carefully considered. Hence my article, because I lost too much money in useless training, I want to share my experience to save you this!

Training gives us the opportunity to learn strategies that have already been tested and approved and thus don't waste time making rookie mistakes which can be very expensive. Training gives us a good solid foundation to build a profitable business quite simply. We learn from the experience of others.

And between us, if the training were free, yes on paper it would be great. But the reality on the ground is that if everyone has access to it, you will also have many more competitors and bye bye the millions!

What will this training teach me?

All. From the creation and management of your seller centeral to techniques for find a product who will work and learn to negotiate with your suppliers, everything will be scrutinized. You will even find out how build your brand and develop it!

That you are beginner or advanced, this training will give you a solid foundation and teach you important tips and secrets to grow your business.

And if you miss information, no stress you have 1 hour of personalized coaching which is included in the pack!

  • And if we detail a little its content!
  • A full pack of 17 modules, from the first steps to get started to the tips for developing yourself. It even goes beyond Amazon itself because you will learn how to create and develop your own brand !
  • More 50h of training that you can see as much as you want
  • 1 hour of coaching included in the pack! and a possibility of more advanced individual or collective coaching in addition.
  • Access to a community of more than 1000 highly motivated members on Facebook for to share with people like you. Very active group where Olivier Allain also intervenes regularly to support and help its members. No question remains unanswered.
  • A list of software, like Helium 10 for example, who will help you in your business
  • Motivation and organization bonuses
  • More 98% of satisfied customers (and if you weren't, it will refund you in full after 30 days, so no more excuses to get started!)

What I appreciate in his videos is that he always relies on concrete examples, on his experience, and shows us step by step the steps to follow, whether for supplier research only to learn how to use the central saddle. No daunting theoretical course, only concrete and effective? and you can review as many times as you want to apply the method step by step.

You don't just buy a course, you join a community of entrepreneurs and e-merchants like you helping each other.

It's the A-TEAM!


Choose to succeed with Olivier Allain

In conclusion, today I can say that I wouldn't be where I am without Olivier Allain's Amazon Revolution training. If you want to see your sales explode, don't hesitate and go for it! There are no secrets, without training you will fail, lose time and lose motivation.

It's just in my eyes, THE best Amazon FBA training to embark on this great adventure, the essential to follow if like me you do not have the time or the means to grope!

It gives you a concrete action plan to move forward step by step and grow your company quickly and well. Insightful and effective, in short you get what you pay for you will not regret if you want to succeed and become your own boss ? So I say a big YES to this training, I validate it at 200% and sincerely encourage you to register if you want to be part of the clan of winners! Join the team?

I started while working on the side (I had my good old CDI which served as a crutch), and therefore having little time to devote to it... But thanks to this training, I went from being self-entrepreneur who lives off a real structure and my business has been profitable from the first year of its creation! Today I am very proud to have finally been able to resign from my permanent position because my income on the net allows me to live comfortably. Freedom is mine! My future belongs to me!


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