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How to Sell on Amazon FBA with Olivier ALLAIN, my honest opinion on this training!


Hi all !

Today I am going to talk to you about training Amazon FBA of Olivier ALLAIN. So to start his first name is Olivier and not Allain lol… I specify because often people call him Alain and that's the drunk 😀

In short ! I deliberately made a little title "click whore" but it's for your good because what I'm about to tell you can literally change your life...

We live in difficult times for many people and we inevitably see that the end of the month is difficult… The movement of yellow vests is proof of a general fed up with our system.

Everyone dreams of to become rich and many are looking to make ends meet to live better and please their loved ones.

Despite the gloomy atmosphere that reigns in France, I can assure you that never in the history of humanity have there been so many opportunities to earn money...

And yes ! We are in the era of the internet, globalization and everything is really possible if we want it and give ourselves the means! !

So yes, there will always be dream sellers who will promise you to become rich in a few clicks and without doing anything… but do not follow these people because it is not true, all success implies investment, work, perseverance and above all a reason! A WHY!

Your why shouldn't just be the money, but what it can do for you.

Personally, my why is make my loved ones happy, them save from need and I spare no effort to achieve it.


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Free and independent objective, In 2020 it's time to make the right resolutions!


We all want to succeed and that's normal!

No longer having a boss, being geographically free, being financially free is this a dream or a reality?!

I'll tell you, anything is possible! It is not a dream and it is completely accessible to all!

You just have to believe in it and work hard! But that's not enough, you also need to train and have all the tools to achieve success!

Selling on Amazon is really a job and it's not easy. If you don't have the right weapons, if you aren't trained properly you are bound to fail.

Do you think an airline pilot starts without training?

Do you think he can fly without on-board instruments?

Obviously the answer is no... This is why on the one hand you will need to train yourself to change your life with Olivier ALLAIN's training, but you will also need tools such as Helium 10 and amzcockpit to manage your business in the best possible way.

The advantage is that thanks to this training or Olivier ALLAIN will be your co-pilot, you will only have to apply the method to succeed and makeSilver on the internet at home !

So I already see some who say that if it were so simple everyone would do it… well no! First of all, it's not easy and two people who take action are really rare...

Is this your case? Are you the type to give up even before having started?

I hope not… AND if you answered no know that the piece of the cake in the sale on Amazon is HUGE! There's something for everyone and quite frankly it's the best way to start a business right now.

Personally, I do e-commerce, SEO, from Dropshipping, affiliation… But my first and biggest source of income is clearly selling on Amazon FBA!

Who is Olivier ALLAIN?


olivier allain reviews


To find out who Olivier ALLAIN really is, I advise you to go and see the article published on Forbes 

You will learn more about the character and his credibility.

We are not talking about braggarts who sell training without having touched Amazon's seller central.

Before launching his training, he made millions of euros on Amazon FBA! So he knows what he's talking about!

Moreover, he is a very human person who is really involved and devoted to his community.


Why did I take Olivier ALLAIN's Amazon FBA training?


Before taking Olivier ALLAIN's training, I already had 6-figure annual results on Amazon.

But my goal is really to reach 7 figures with my shop and to explode in terms of my sales!

The Facebook Mastermind


As they say, “you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most”

What is great about his training, apart from the exceptional educational aspect, is that there is a community of around 1000 highly motivated people with whom you can share information.

BY taking this training, you are not alone!! the mastermind (you will have access as soon as you have taken the training) is a Facebook group filled with motivated people who have answers to all your questions!

I have rarely seen such an active mastermind and yet I have really bought a lot of training… There is a lot of information and frankly there are answers to all the questions you could ask yourself…

Information and techniques seen nowhere else!


The program accompanies you from A to Z and really gives you all the steps to follow to set up your business.

In addition, some techniques have really given me ideas to scale my business to the highest level in the years to come, especially in terms of brand creation!

Whether it's creating a pro seller account on the Amazon France marketplace or creating your own business and brand, all the weapons are provided to you!

We also go into detail in the back office of your Amazon seller account where we see how to manage your stocks, product sheets, calculate selling costs, Amazon affiliation etc…

An Amazon FBA training recognized as a state-approved training center!


In two words it's serious... it's really a skills training that you can get funded!

Since the training is validated and referenced by DataDock you can have it financed by your employer via the CPF Private training account !!

Vocational training is an obligation on the part of your employer, so don't hesitate to ask for this kind of funding 😉


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What is Olivier ALLAIN's Amazon FBA training program?


The program is really complete and allows you to have all the information you need to get started and much more.

We're not talking here about just making ends meet (although it's easy to achieve that if that's your goal) but about setting up a real business that makes big big numbers!

Do not underestimate the power of Amazon… It really is a war machine that can propel you.

You will find 17 Amazon FBA Training Modules for more than 50 hours of ultra-rich and directly applicable content!

You will also have access to a list of validated suppliers and service providers to avoid any problems...

There are also group coaching sessions and 1 hour of coaching with Olivier himself!


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Generate thousands of dollars quickly with a minimum margin rate of 30% and sell to hundreds of customers on all marketplaces, this is what Olivier ALLAIN's training really promises.

You can easily start your activity as a self-employed entrepreneur and then move on to more professionalization by setting up a real company under legal statutes such as the SASU, a SAS, a EURL or even a SARL.

In this complete training you will learn how to sell products like a pro, create an optimized product sheet (copywriting) for the conversion rate and natural referencing, manage your stock and logistics by finding good suppliers like Ali Baba (it's a Chinese market place where merchants sell products wholesale) but not only!

If you are not a fan of Chinese products you can very well find products and buy from a merchant in France or Europe everything is very well explained.

Olivier ALLAIN Reviews


For me Olivier ALLAIN is an enthusiast who has real competence in his field.

It is not for nothing that his training is approved by the state.

In addition, he is a very human person who really wants to help people and bring as much value as possible and this is reflected in the seriousness of his training.


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Amazon FBA Training by Olivier ALLAIN Reviews


So here is my final opinion on this Amazon FBA training by Olivier ALLAIN.

Quite honestly I bought a lot of formations, goods, less good, charlots, Scammers... But none made me want to put a Big 10/10

So it is indeed a real investment but I think this training is worth more than its price as the value provided is great.

You only have to see the price that companies pay for totally bogus training...

Here we are really on the concrete and applicable right away!

So if you want to set up a real profitable long-term business, Amazon FBA is really the place to go and with this training you will be armed to the teeth!


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My video Testimonial, Opinion Olivier ALLAIN and his Amazon FBA Training program, Amazon Revolution



Your questions Amazon FBA FAQs

✅ Drop shipping or Amazon fba?

I would say it can be complementary but I strongly advise starting with Amazon FBA

✅ Amazon fba for whom?

Anyone can get started on Amazon FBA, just train and stay motivated!

✅ Amazon fba how to do?

Read my post you will find everything you need to get started!

✅ How much to get started on Amazon fba?

I would say that the more you invest the faster you will make the figure but it is possible to start with 500 euros

✅ How to sell on Amazon fba?

Just create a seller account and send your products, you will find all the steps in my article 😉

✅ Amazon fba how does it work?

You create your product sheet and you send your products to Amazon, everything else is managed by Amazon, shipping, invoicing, customer service etc…

✅ How to register on Amazon fba?

It's very simple, just go to and complete the registration form.

✅ Shopify or Amazon fba?

Start by making sales on Amazon FBA, then you can build your brand and a site Shopify

✅ How much does Amazon fba cost?

You can open a pro account for 39 euros per month

✅ How to get started on Amazon fba?

By training, that's why everything is indicated in my article on the Amazon FBA training

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