Helium 10: Sell on Amazon successfully

How to sell on Amazon with Helium 10

Helium 10 is a suite of online sales tools that has been specifically designed for Amazon sellers. This platform offers a range of advanced features to help sellers optimize their sales and maximize their profits on the Amazon platform.

What is Helium 10 and how does it work?

Helium 10 offers a variety of powerful tools to help sellers find winning products, optimize their listings, and manage their inventory on Amazon. These tools include features such as:

Black Box

: This tool allows sellers to search for products based on specific criteria such as monthly sales, estimated revenue, number of reviews and much more. It helps sellers identify profitable product opportunities on Amazon.


: This tool provides detailed information on the keywords sellers use to optimize their product listings. It helps sellers understand which keywords work best in their niche and adjust their strategy accordingly.


: This tool allows sellers to generate keyword lists from existing keywords. It makes it easy to create extensive and relevant keyword lists to improve product visibility.


: This tool helps sellers optimize their product listings by suggesting relevant keywords to include. It ensures that product listings are well structured and contain all the necessary keywords to rank in search results.

Index Checker

: This tool allows sellers to check if their products are correctly indexed by Amazon. It allows them to ensure that their products appear in relevant search results.

Inventory Protector

: This tool helps sellers protect their inventory from fraudulent buyers or malicious competitors. It allows sellers to set purchasing limits for each customer to avoid bulk purchases and ensure fair distribution of their inventory.


: This tool sends notifications to sellers when it detects significant changes to their product listings or their Amazon account. It helps sellers stay informed and responsive to developments in their business.


: This tool allows sellers to automate follow-up emails for customers who have purchased their products. It facilitates communication with customers and encourages them to leave positive feedback or recommend the products to other potential buyers.


: This tool provides sellers with detailed information on their profits and expenses. It helps sellers analyze their profitability and make informed decisions to optimize their activities.

The benefits of using Helium 10 to sell on Amazon

Helium 10 offers a range of advanced tools that help sellers optimize their sales on Amazon. Here are some key benefits of using Helium 10:


Search for winning products

: Helium 10's research tools enable sellers to find profitable products by analyzing sales data and related product performance. This helps sellers make informed decisions when it comes to choosing which products to sell on Amazon.


Optimizing product listings

: Helium 10's optimization tools help sellers improve their product listings by providing relevant keyword suggestions, optimizing their structure, and helping them rank higher in search results.


Inventory management

: Helium 10 offers tools to help sellers manage their inventory on Amazon efficiently. This includes protecting inventory from fraudulent buyers, verifying product indexing, and monitoring inventory levels.


Process automation

: Helium 10's automation tools allow sellers to automate certain tasks, such as sending follow-up emails to customers, saving time and optimizing performance.


Profit analysis

: Helium 10's Profits tool provides sellers with complete visibility into their profits and expenses. This allows sellers to make informed decisions to optimize their business and maximize profits.


Helium 10 is a powerful suite of tools for Amazon sellers. Using Helium 10's advanced features, sellers can improve their sales, optimize their product listings and maximize their profits on the Amazon platform. If you are a serious Amazon seller, Helium 10 is a tool you should definitely consider using.

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