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Aurélien Amacker is a French entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the world of online marketing. He created several successful businesses and became a reference in his field.

Aurélien Amacker started his career as a software engineer, but he quickly realized that his real interest was in online marketing. So he decided to specialize in this field and start his own business.

One of the first companies that Aurélien Amacker created was an emailing service called “Mes Emails Pro”. This service allows entrepreneurs and businesses to send email marketing campaigns to their subscribers. Thanks to this company, Aurélien Amacker generated significant income and was able to develop his notoriety in the sector.

In addition to Mes Emails Pro, Aurélien Amacker has also created other successful companies, including “” and “Blogger Gagner”. is an all-in-one platform that allows entrepreneurs to create and manage their own sales funnels, website and affiliate system. Blogging Earn is an online training program that helps bloggers generate income through their website.

Aurélien Amacker is also a very popular blogger and a sought-after speaker. He regularly shares his knowledge and expertise in blog posts and at conferences. He gives advice on online marketing, entrepreneurship and business creation.

Aurélien Amacker's success in online marketing has earned him numerous awards and distinctions. He has been recognized as one of the best French entrepreneurs and has been invited to participate in numerous international events and conferences.

Beyond his financial success, Aurélien Amacker is also known for being a committed and generous entrepreneur. He created a foundation called “Positive Planet Foundation” which aims to help young entrepreneurs realize their projects and create sustainable businesses.

In summary, Aurélien Amacker is a French entrepreneur who has stood out in the world of online marketing. Thanks to his successful businesses, his knowledge and his commitment, he has become a reference in his field. His financial success and his philanthropic commitment make him an inspiring figure for many entrepreneurs.

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