Arya trading review: what you need to know about the trading software!


The stock market is a constantly changing market. Many individuals invest in it to increase their income and increase their savings. Unfortunately, the majority of them find themselves facing difficulties and making huge losses.

More and more, the world of trading is becoming automated with the implementation of specialized tools for more efficient management of your stock market transactions. Among all the possibilities available to you, ARYA trading is one of the most widely used algorithms today. We tell you more.



ARYA Trading Overview

ARYA Trading is a software launched in 2018 by the company TechX FZ LLC, a subsidiary of the French group Greenbull Group. It has only two partner brokers: Triomarkets and XTB. However, it is functional with all brokers that offer the Meta Trader 4 trading platform (MT4). It allows you to manage your transactions on the stock market automatically.

Originally, ARYA Trading was only intended for a minority of professional traders. Over time, the TechX company team decided to put the software to use for everyone. Therefore, the ARYA trading tool is made accessible and marketed, even internationally.

ARYA robot trading is not just a software. This revolutionary tool perfectly combines human intelligence and technology for better control of the market. In fact, it is a real semi-automatic assistant who accompanies you in your decision-making. It allows you to maximize your gains while helping to minimize your losses.

ARYA trading software allows you to effectively manage the risks associated with your business. By positioning itself between you and the stock market, this tool limits the influence of emotions, bad psychology and mismanagement of capital.

The tool offered by TechX FZ LLC is very easy to use. To use it, you just need to master its basic principles.

money management

Since risk management is the main utility of the ARYA trading software, you must set up your money management from the start. Once this step is complete, the bot will take care of the rest of the trade-related work on its own.

In reality, this setting allows this exceptional tool to limit the risks based on the levels you have set. It should be noted that you can choose a very conservative money management (0.125 % of your capital) or more aggressive (going to 1 % of the capital). It all depends on your goals and your capital.

This layout allows you to better focus on your analyzes to optimize your decisions. You will then have more chances of taking winning bets. You also have the option to set the maximum percentage you are willing to lose per day per asset. This assumes that by choosing to trade multiple assets, you are also accepting the risk of losing more money.

Trade management

First of all, we must remember that there is only two trading options : buying or selling; up or down. By using the ARYA trading software, you will be able to configure it so that it takes care of managing your positions on its own.

Specifically, you can configure:

  • the size of your stop loss which goes from XS to XXL;
  • the profit factor which is the equivalent of the risk to profit ratio;
  • fashion trading;
  • the trading stop and its activation.

To help you better understand these concepts and use this algorithm rationally, a training is granted to you with the acquisition of the ARYA software.

To all these settings, we add some advanced parameters, in particular a moving average which will guide you in your decision-making or to confirm your positions on the market.

Get started with ARYA trading

If you want to use ARYA robot trading, you must first register with a broker to open a trading account. You even have the option of opening a demo account without incurring any expense. This last alternative allows you to try ARYA trading demo free. You will then be able to better understand the space and the use of this algorithm to refine your trading strategy before launching into real mode.

It should be mentioned that the installation of the ARYA trading tool is done on a dedicated server. So you can use it even if your computer is off.

After the software installation is complete, you can choose a clue, a currency pair or a commodity to trade. Then you analyze the different trends on several time bases and take your buy or sell position.

The different ARYA Trading offers

The different ARYA Trading offers

As mentioned above, ARYA is a trading tool that allows you to better manage your capital, your time and risk taking. Both beginners and experts can use it. However, getting started can be difficult when you don't know anything about the stock market.

This is why ARYA trading offers you various training courses. On the site of this tool, three offers are made available to you. This is the completely free starter pack and the paid contents ARYA PRO and ARYA PRO+.

The ARYA starter training pack

Totally free, it is ideal for testing the trading robot offered by TechX FZ LLC. It allows you to discover the interface of the software, understand its ecosystem and master it before going live. You can therefore use it to reassure yourself of the quality of this revolutionary tool.

The ARYA trading starter training pack gives you access to a set of 33 online lessons and the ARYA Alti trading program. Future pilots (users of this algorithm) can also access weekly market points (Traders Room) and monthly Masterclasses. A supportive community (#Welovearya) is also made available to allow beginners to learn from the experiences of seasoned traders. This is also used to share results and strategies.

The starter pack is particularly recommended if you hesitate to adopt this tool. It will help you to better understand the ARYA trading software and to form your own ideas.

The ARYA PRO and ARYA PRO + paid packs

If you are convinced that the ARYA automatic trade management tool can help you, you must acquire one of the paid packs to get you started in real mode. Two solutions are available to you: the ARYA PRO pack if you have an account with a capital of less than 100,000 euros, and the ARYA PRO + pack if your account balance is greater than 100,000 euros.

Whatever your choice, you will benefit from a license for the ARYA Trading Automation Platform and a comprehensive trading education program. You also have access to Advanced Masterclasses and Traders Rooms. The ARYA PRO and PRO + packs also give you unlimited access to the support community.

Beyond its advantages, paid packs allow you toaccess the global competition of traders 2.0. This is the traders league which brings together stock market investors who use an appropriate tool to carry out their transactions automatically. The advantage is that you will be able to earn even more money according to your results.

In summary, ARIYA robot trading can be considered as a all-in-one solution for efficient management of transactions on the stock market. In addition to its software assistance with multiple parameters, the software places you at the heart of a community where you will have a lot to learn with the added bonus of very rich training modules.

Quality support with ARYA

Quality support with ARYA

Throughout your trading journey with ARIYA, you benefit from online courses to strengthen your knowledge in the field. These are intended for all levels of trader in order to allow you to better make your investment profitable. Various modules are therefore designed for this purpose.

If you are taking your first steps in the stock market, you will have the chance tolearn the fundamental terms of online trading. The online courses will also allow you to master the basics of fundamental analysis and the basic functionalities of the money management of an Expert Advisor. A starter pack could therefore be ideal to start without any pressure.

Intermediate and expert level traders, on the other hand, benefit tips and strategies used by the trainers of the ARYA automation platform. More than a simple software, this tool constitutes a true ecosystem which places its users in an environment where they benefit from a quality dynamic support. They can then easily improve their performance in the stock market.

To better serve users, the ARYA team provides them with a very responsive customer service. So, all you have to do is contact the ARYA trading contact if you have any problems with installation, configuration, investment strategy optimization or even risk management. The team will then provide you with a quality contact who will help you find the best answers to your concerns. This customer service can be reached by email and by phone.

Opinion on the ARYA-trading platform

Opinion on the ARYA-trading platform

As with any digital service, users of the ARYA offer have the opportunity to give their point of view and their comments on the software. You will find on the internet a large number of ARYA trading testimonials and reviews. The latter are particularly the work of pilots or specialized sites.

It should be noted that the revolutionary tool ARYA Trading from the company TechX FZ LLC is very popular among its users. Indeed, the automatic trade management algorithm offers great flexibility and freedom in analyzes. Pilots can therefore better manage their analyzes without the pressure of market constraints.

Unlike other digital tools, ARYA trading opinions are unanimous. The software is considered the best tool for any trader. This opinion is very understandable in view of the many advantages that this semi-automatic algorithm can provide. The latter allowsautomate all related details to take a position in order to improve the analysis of the market. It provides precise tools for a better trading experience.

The configuration of the ARYA software is also one of its strengths. Each adjustment is well thought out and well analyzed for an optimization of the strategy to be used on the stock market. Better still, the trading tool takes care of risk management settings in order to limit market losses. This last point is one of the reasons that make ARYA trading a platform highly appreciated by pilots.

Since they no longer have to worry about money management, they can concentrate all their efforts on chart analysis. In addition to the assistance offered, ARYA trading software constantly monitors the market considering that it can be very volatile. As a result, it can give you directions for better positioning.

Even for beginners, Arya is a fabulous tool. Many reviews testify to this. In addition to limiting losses, this algorithm increases the chances of winning thanks to its different orientations. It also prevents them from making a few mistakes since it positions itself as an intermediary between the trader and his broker. Thus, the pilot is sure not to make mistakes under the effect of an impulse. It should be mentioned that the training courses that accompany the Arya offers bring a big plus. They allow beginners to familiarize themselves with the world of trading and professionals to strengthen their skills.

Finally, some think that Arya trading software is relatively expensive. However, the Arya price trading is not a real problem since this tool allows you to make a profit from your investment in the stock market.

Ultimately, the ARYA automated trading tool is an excellent robot in which to invest in order to increase its performance on the stock market. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it will allow you, thanks to its functionalities, to make your trading activity profitable over the long term.

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