Aug 23 2013

sosreport: on the road to 3.1

We’ve got an aggressive feature list for the next milestone release and welcome any involvement from the community. A few of the big ticket items are the following:

Top priority items

  • Python 3.3 and Python 2.7 support - yes we’d like to keep supporting older python versions if possible :)
  • Sos object model archive (SOMA) - This feature is for allowing other applications interface with the data collected by sosreport.
  • DBUS integration - We’d like to have this feature so that controlling the behavior of sosreport is easily integrated into other systems.

Additional high priority issues are also available.

Other important items to note:

  • Plugins - As technologies evolve and new software rises we are always welcoming new plugins to capture the necessary data to aid in debugging those technologies. If you’ve got something in mind its just a simple pull request away to get it on the right track for inclusion.
  • Tests - Our goal is to be at 100% (I think we’re at about 69%) coverage with a wide range of unittests. So if you fancy quality assurance then this is an excellent opportunity for you :D

More info

For more information and other issues scheduled to be fixed for the next release visit sosreport issues

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