Oct 18 2013

sosreport: mid-milestone update

A small review of what’s happening as we enter into our 3rd month of development for the next major release of sosreport 3.1 (approximate due date of February 2014).

Here is a rundown of what we need help on:

  • Documentation
  • Openstack guru’s to review our existing plugins and provide feedback and/or code submissions.
    • Our priority is to make sure we are capturing everything needed to successfully troubleshoot issues occurring within all of openstack’s moving parts.
    • Validating all captured configs to make sure we’ve scrubbed out any secrets/credentials.
    • Any new additions since Havana.

  • MAAS/Juju guru’s to review existing plugins and provide feedback and/or code.
  • Security auditing
    • Mainly need extra set of eyes to make sure none of the plugins capture secret/confidential information along with scrubbing out those bits if unavoidable.

We also have a list of bugs needing attention/resolution that would also benefit from community contributions.

Also be aware that support for Python 2.6 will be dropped in the next release as well.

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