Perl bindings for LeanKit

I recently released a Perl API client for LeanKit which covers the majority of exposed endpoints from the service.

This library can be installed from CPAN and supports Perl versions 5.14+:

$ cpanm Net::LeanKit

An example use of the library:

use strict;
use warnings;
use Net::LeanKit;
my $lk = Net::LeanKit->new(email => '',
                           password => 'password',
                           account => 'mycompany');
print("Listing known boards\n");
foreach my $board (@{$lk->getBoards}) {
  printf("Board Name: %s has an id of %s\n", $board->{Title}, $board->{Id});
my $boardByName = $lk->getBoardByName('Getting Started');
print("Board Lanes\n");
foreach my $lane (@{$boardByName->{Lanes}}) {
  printf("Lane id (%s) with title (%s)\n", $lane->{Id}, $lane->{Title});

This library is designed to match the same functionality as the official nodejs client.

Documentation on the available api can be found at the release page. Also feel free to visit the github page and to see other available bindings head over to LeanKit's API wrappers page.