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Perl bindings for

I recently released a Perl API client for LeanKit which covers the majority of exposed endpoints from the service. This library can be installed from CPAN and supports Perl versions 5.14+:

An example...


sosreport (SoS) version 3.2 released

The sos team is pleased to announce the release of sos-3.2. This release includes a large number of enhancements and fixes, including: Profiles for plugin selection Improved log size limiting File archiving enhancements and...

Perl bindings for Juju

Perl bindings for Juju

In an attempt to better learn the Juju internals I started working on some Perl bindings and as a result a lot of time spent in the Go codebase. The library utilizes an event-based...


SOSreport 3.1 released

Issues resolved in this release: Closed items Enhancements: Full Python 3.x support Further modularized openstack plugins Switched the build to use pybuild Reports are generated by default Further sanitizing of all openstack credentials As...